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Go Out Local helps the community find places to go and things to do in the Treasure Valley with our online Entertainment & Savings Guide To The City at Here's why people love us and use our online Guide To The City! • Search for local businesses • Community Event Calendar • Live Music Calendar • Daily Specials Directory • Daily Deals Card • Coupon Directory • Deals For A Cause Fundraising Program • Giveaways We are passionate about promoting local businesses in fun and entertaining ways through our interactive website features and our large social media audience. We help grow businesses and increase their visibility through our programs. Plus, we give back to local charities through our Deals For A Cause Daily Deals Card. Here's why businesses love our services: • Promotions to grow your database and fan following • Community & Event Promotions • Social Media Account Management • And more!
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Established in 1996 and headquartered in Boise, Idaho, Impact Directories is a full-service independent publisher of local print and on-line yellow and white page telephone directories / phone books designed to meet the needs of both businesses and residents. Since its beginnings, Impact Directories has enjoyed sales and revenue growth at rates much faster than the yellow page industry as a whole. We publish local phone books for markets in Boise, Canyon County (Caldwell/Nampa), Mountain Home, Idaho, in Yakima, Lake Chelan, Ellensburg/Cle Elum and Wenatchee, Washington. Impact Directories showcases local businesses, rather than forcing business owners to pay for advertising their products and services to people in geographically distant towns who never or only occasionally shop in the target market. Users of Impact local directories likewise are spared the burden of searching among listings and advertisements that are too remote to be capable of serving their needs. 1251 N. Cole Rd Boise, Idaho 83704
Phone: 208-375-2220

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So you know, KTSY is a little different. Not different as in strange…okay, maybe a little strange…but good strange. Like the crazy picture you take with your family after all the nice pictures are already taken. Not bad strange, like Thanksgiving Dinner flavored soda pop. Yes that's a thing! Look it up! So KTSY is good different, the kind of different that makes you feel like someone is doing life with you. Did you hit the Snooze button one too many times this morning? We’ve been there. Do you have a drawer that used to hold useful stuff like pens and sticky notes, but now has junk mail, a broken stapler, and a half eaten bag of gummy worms? Yeah, us too. Sure KTSY plays Christian music, but that's not because we think we are better than other people. Its because we know what its like to live life without encouragement, friendship, or hope. FYI, its not great. Our hope is show people a way out of loneliness and disappointment. Obviously everybody does that a little bit differently. We make it happen by playing music about Jesus, talking about life, and acting a little crazy. You can do it by being a good neighbor and helping other people. That's what different means to us, and we think that kind of different will change the world! 16115 S. Montana Ave Caldwell, Idaho 83607
Phone: 208-459-5879

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